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Annual GKHAT Online Silent Auction


  • November 2, 2024: (deadline to drop off auction items in either Calgary or Golden - drop off details below). We encourage early donations and are ready to accept items as soon as you have them!

  • November 8-16 Online Auction Fundraiser is LIVE! 

  • Auction item pickup in Golden for successful bidders to be coordianted. Items delivered to Calgary will also be coordinated

 Now is the time to work on securing that amazing auction item(s) for this year’s auction! See our top tips below and also please feel free to use sample letters created to help you when approaching businesses:

Auction Letter for Golden and Area

Auction Letter for Calgary and Area

All GKHAT families, including minis are required to secure a silent auction item(s) with a minimum value of $150.00 (per family, not per child), or make a familial donation to GKHAT in the amount of $300. The goal is for our families to secure a business donation to the auction and not pay out of personal pocket.  

If you have questions about the auction or need help figuring out what to submit please get in touch with

Tips for Securing a Great Silent Auction Item

GKHAT will once again be hosting an online auction this fall as a fundraiser to help offset program costs. All GKHAT families are asked to secure a silent auction item(s) with a minimum value of $150. These top tips are suggestions to help you find that great item that will help raise funds for our club. 

Contact a business where you are a regular customer. Chances are that items you like to buy will also be ones that people want to bid on. Think about where you shop and start from there.  

Don’t forget about online shopping – where you normally spend your money is the place to go. 

Do you make regular purchases to the same business online? If so, ask them to add extra items to your next order – it saves them the shipping and they may be more willing to donate if you are a regular customer (think coffee or wine subscriptions, beauty products you order regularly).

Share some information about our club and your family’s skiers! When approaching online businesses email them the silent auction letter written by the GKHAT board and add a personal introduction from yourself in the email. Tell them a bit about yourself and your GKHAT athlete. 

Make a basket. Ask multiple businesses for smaller items and put together a variety basket! Or when you approach a single business it could be a themed or hobby basket (i.e. arts and crafts, new baby, mom/dad Christmas present, favourite pet, gardening ,cooking are all good themes).  
5) Propose an idea when you contact a business. Instead of just asking for a contribution, give some thought to what a business might be able to donate or what might be of interest in an auction.  Do the thinking for them:

6) Experiences are great. Beyond just hard goods – what experiences could be  interesting/appealing for someone to bid on? 

Consider making a time commitment. Do you have a particular skill or service you could provide? Can you teach how to play a musical instrument? Arborist? Construction? Wash windows? Art lessons? Ski lessons? etc…

Items don’t just have to be for skiers. Bidders in our auction include GKHAT athletes and parents, family members near and far,  as well as community members in Golden and the Calgary area.   

Use points! Do you have a credit card that collects points? Redeem points for a useful item – (new Kitchen Aid mixer anyone?) and donate it to the auction. Hot tip - Some professional corporations earn points on corporate cards and they can’t use the points for personal use – but they can donate them to a nonprofit… Just sayin’….

It’s free advertising for the business/donator!! Make sure the business is aware that they are highlighted in the ad of the auction item:). New this year, businesses who donate items/experiences worth $400 or more will receive special recognition as an auction sponsor. 

If you’re having trouble getting items for the auction please get in touch with Heidi by email at and we can help brainstorm with you! 

Where/How to drop off Auction Donations

First, please Complete the Google Form Auction Item Submission Form. Upload a picture if possible too please. 
Second, please get in touch with one of our auction volunteers to arrange pickup/drop off of your item(s)

Golden Area 

Drop off at Mountain Motorsports during business hours (usually 9-6 Monday-Friday, located at 910 9th St. North) OR 
Text Heidi at 250-439-9590 to arrange drop off in town. 

Calgary and Area
SW/Central Location: Text Andrea text 403-390-8466

Bowness: Text both Kasia and Ryan Lenz. Please text both numbers and one will respond 403-667-3764 AND 403-467-1369.