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Hi Folks,

With the provincial COVID19 restrictions in BC and Alberta extending into December, we are postponing the start of GKHAT from December 18th to January 9th. COVID-19 has spiked across western Canada, and the board would prefer to take a precautionary approach to protect our athletes, coaches, families, and communities.

We will be extending our refund deadline to December 31st, so we will all have time to assess how the situation evolves. We are also cancelling Christmas camps at this time, and full refunds will be issued immediately to those that have registered.

We will be reviewing this decision in early December, and if we do go ahead with Christmas camps, the camps will likely be offered to competitive U12/U14 athletes only. Due to the travel restrictions put in place earlier this month, these athletes have not participated in any of our usual pre-season training sessions. A smaller cohort will allow us to work through our COVID19 procedures in preparation for January.

On a brighter note, our online auction was a great success, raising almost $14,000 in auction sales and donations. I want to thank all our members for contributing to and participating in the auction. I would also like to thank Sue McRoberts, Sarah Short, and Tracy Van Zalingen for all their hard work planning and organizing the auction.

We will endeavor to keep everyone informed over the coming weeks.

Doug Adama

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.
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GKHAT Auction Is Completed

Thank you GKHAT family for a fabulously successful 2020 auction. We had some fabulous items donated and some fun bidding wars. Our total for 2020 is $12, 136!! You helped us exceed our goal. These funds are essential to helping fund the programs we offer our athletes and keep the fees down. 
Thank you for donating. Thank you for sharing the auction with your friends and family. Thank you for bidding!! 


You can pay for your items by sending an e-transfer to Please include โ€œauction invoice (and your invoice number)โ€ in messages.

Thank you to everyone for your support!
The GKHAT Fundraising Team



2020/21 GKHAT Registration - IS STILL OPEN

2020/21 Registration - Ends November 30, 2020


GKHAT Online Events

Oh yeah! Here it comes... The snow is falling, ski hills are opening up, and GKHAT will begin before you know it!

In order to get you prepared, there are a number of up and coming online GKHAT events. Be sure to RSVP and attend! The links to attend will be sent via the RSVP list as we get closer to the event. All events start at 7 pm.

Date Start Topic
Dec. 2 7:00 pm Tuning session RSVP
Dec. 8 7:00 pm Equipment guide RSVP
Dec. 16 7:00 pm Pathways in ski racing beyond U14 RSVP

GKHAT Checklist
You can find a packing list for away racesfollowing this link. Some members laminate the list.
NOTE: Please do be aware that due to COVID, all races are subject to change.

Here are the important things that need to be done and dates, if applicable:

    Zone races for U12 and older:

      Zone races for U12 and older:
      Christmas Ski Camps

      Spring Ski Camps

      Away Race Accomodation

      Upcoming Events
      Upcoming Events
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