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U12 (10 and 11 year olds) born 2012/2011

GKHAT’s U12 program aims to develop athletes who want to become the best skiers and ski racers they can be. We strive to provide a high standard of coaching, training opportunities, race experience, and adventurous free-skiing to fuel a love of skiing. We aim to build a solid technical foundation, and to give athletes the skills they need to move on to the next level and beyond if the athlete so chooses.


Recognizing that individual goals may vary, we aim to offer a range of training environments and volume. On any given program day, choice of training environment is at the coach’s discretion and reflects current ski conditions. At this age, we encourage athletes to ski more than one day per week; athletes who ski one day per week will experience a narrower spectrum of training environments. 


As a prerequisite, skiers must be able to ski with confidence and control on advanced-expert terrain (Feuz Bowl, CPR etc). Beginner and intermediate skiing programs are offered by the Winter Sport school at Kicking Horse. Feel free to contact us to help decide what is the right program for your young skier.


We use Alpine Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) strategy as the training standard for athletes with all levels of aspiration in skiing. For more information, see Alpine Canada at


New for 2022,  the U12 regular program is a 14 week program, with an additional two weekends of skiing added to the season. Choose Friday*, Saturday or Sunday on the 14-day program or two weekend days days of (Friday*/Saturdays/Sundays) for the 28-day program. U12 programming includes 2-3 home race events. 


Skiers who want to ski more than 28 days at this level are encouraged to sign up for the P60 program (see description in this section) 


At the U12 level, the Long-Term Athlete Development model recommends 8-10 race starts (A typical race weekend would usually include 4 race starts) during the season. 


(COVID Permitting)  Athletes have the opportunity to participate in more fun-based club events including:

  • Annual GKHAT cookie cup.

  • Annual GKHAT Nancy Greene race. U14 and U16 athletes may participate as forerunners.

  • Annual club year-end ski-tacular event.


(COVID Permitting)  Additional to local events, U12 racers are encouraged to attend: 

  • Away Nancy Greene races/festivals

  • These races are best suited to athletes who prefer a more fun based approach; particularly the Kimberley Nancy Greene Festival

  • One or more “zone race” hosted by other clubs throughout the season

  • These races are best suited to athletes who are looking to experience a little more competitive race environment and a full weekend of technical racing

  • Preseason ski camps for enthusiastic skiers who want to get on snow and start working on their turns early


Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend one or two away races per season at this level. Regardless of interest in ski racing, these events are fun-focused and family oriented opportunities to build team spirit and a sense of accomplishment in our young skiers. 

Friday*/Saturdays/Sundays 9:00 am -  2:30 pm

First day of program: December 16, 2022 - April 2, 2023 (regular program doesn't run over Christmas weekends of December 23 and 30th, 2022)

Equipment (see parent handbook for more details)

Well fitting skis, boots, helmet, goggles, poles.  Hard Ear Helmet, Slalom guards (shin,hand,chin). Spandex race suit. U12+ skiers ideally always have the right ski for the job at hand. Even if athletes are not the keenest of racers, a proper ski can greatly improve their skill development and enjoyment during time spent on race training. Ideally skiers have a JR. slalom ski ~nose height, a JR Giant Slalom ski ~ top of head, and a powder/ all mtn ski.  Consult your coach or ski pro for the weight-ski length chart for jr race skis.


Volunteer Requirements

Additional to standard volunteer club duties (yurt cleaning, helping at local race events), we ask our parents of older athletes to contribute to the club by:

  • Organizing/helping out at social and team building activities.
  • Filling key roles in organizing and volunteering at zone races when our club hosts.
  • Consider taking a level 1 or 2 officials course if you have a child who loves to race.
  • Volunteering at away races when help is needed.

Don’t be intimidated if you have never been involved in ski racing. There are always jobs that can be done by anyone and we believe that ski racing should be fun for the whole family! Please speak to the volunteer coordinator as early as possible if you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment for the season for whatever reason ( Please see our GKHAT Parent Handbook for more details.

*About Friday Skiing

Friday Skiing offers a slightly different experience than other ski days. Lift lines may be shorter, and programs are not interrupted by club race days. However, parents should be aware that since fewer athletes register for Friday skiing, this will often require mixing ages and abilities within groups and that groups may change through the season with mixed duration of ski seasons for the different ages. Also due to timing of operation of some of our ski racing environments and grooming requirements, the ski cross course may be less available for use on Fridays. 

Annual Fee

This begins the weekend of December 16, 2022.

14 day program:
28 day program:

Financial Assistance

Please contact for income support if cost of the program is a barrier to your family participating.

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