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Welcome to GKHAT. We are a not-for-profit organization that coaches and implements the Nancy Greene program at Kicking Horse Mountain resort. GKHAT is run by volunteer parents dedicated to helping young skiers learn the essentials of ski racing and safe skiing.

Due to registration having close and/or all spots for athletes being filled, you are requesting to be placed on our waiting list.


Please be very careful to complete all steps. On the final “Payment Summary” page, be sure to scroll to the bottom to click on the “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” button.
Failing to click this button will mean mean that the registration will not complete and we will be unable to contact you.
If you would like, please do feel free to email us as well as completing the form to ensure that we have a contact.

Submitting this form DOES NOT result in any payment being processed.

Program Fees and Days

Mini GKHAT – $525.00.

MINI GKHAT is for 4 and 5 year old skiers who want to build strong skiing skills all over the mountain, and get an introduction to the world of ski racing. The program consists of 10 weekends (4 half days and 6 full days) and includes 3 club events.
As a prerequisite, skiers must be able to ski in a confident manner independently on easy terrain (i.e. from Catamount top down). For more details see program description

Nancy Greene/ Development Level 12 or 24 Days (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) –
Ages 5 and up – $630.00 ($1260 both days).

The GKHAT Nancy Greene program is for skiers who want to develop strong skiing skills, have fun with their friends, and learn through a combination of race training environments, events, and all mountain skiing. Choose Friday, Saturday, Sunday or any two of those days both days for 12 weekends starting in December and finishing in March. This includes 3 club events.
As a prerequisite, skiers must be able to ski confidently and independently on intermediate terrain. For more details see program description page.

Performance Level 30 Days
Ages 8 and up – $1365.00.

The GKHAT Performance program (30 or 40+ days) is for skiers who love to ski racing and want to be the best skiers they can be. In addition to the Saturday and Sunday program, this includes two November pre-season days, 3 days Christmas camp, and a bonus weekend after regular programming ends. Additional camps and Friday training makes up the 40+ program. For more details see program description page.

Performance Plus 40 Days
Ages 8 and up – $1785.00.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday coaching, plus bonus days, see Program Description for details

Friday Afternoon Gate Training

The Friday afternoon program is designed to give athletes extra mileage in race course and training environments with the aim to develop and refine skills and be the fastest racers possible. This program includes ten (10) Friday afternoons.
Athletes must be able to ski independently to the race course or have an adult responsible for them.

Calgary Midweek Gate Training
U10 & older at COP with FAST – Price TBA

BC Alpine Fees – REQUIRED
These fees are to be paid in addition to above program fees.
Ages 4 to 11 – $76.00 per child
Ages 12+, National Competitor – $140.00 per child (for athletes who are choosing to compete in races)
Ages 12+, U14 Recreational -$106.00 per child (for athletes not choosing to compete in away races)
General Member – $20.00 for one parent per family must become a General Member.

Important Dates

Fees must be paid in full by October 30, 2017.
Waivers must be signed for both child and General Member by October 30th, 2017.


Cheques may be paid to GKHAT and sent to the following address: GKHAT, Box 884, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0
or use e-Transfer to treasurer@gkhat.ca

Important Notes

Please read and understand our Refund Policy before registering your child for the team.
Please do be aware that skiing is a weather dependent sport. While will at times make an effort to provide coverage on alternate dates due to poor weather, GKHAT reserves the right to cancel the date without refund. Please do review the weather policy.


Communication is the cornerstone of any effective club. As a result, it is important that you provide accurate contact information. GKHAT primarily uses email to provide updates and communicate any actionable requests.
We will send you an email to confirm your email address(es) you provide.
Please do connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to get social updates.
This registration form is the primary source of information.

By providing your contact information, you agree to that GKHAT will be providing you correspondence.

Parent Insurance

One parent must be insured. Please check “First Child” if you are registering the first child. Please check “Second Child” if you are registering the second or more child. In this way, you will only pay insurance once.
Please check which parent you would like the insurance to be under. It is advisable to use the parent that will primarily be on the hill or volunteering during race times.

BC Alpine

BC Alpine Waiver Update 2017. If you have previously been a member of the club click on the following link to update your 2017 BC Alpine waiver. If you are a new member check the New Member box below and you will be notified when your new account has been set up. Please note this waiver must be signed for one parent/guardian AND the child to complete registration. Follow BC Alpine link here: http://bcalpine.net/memberUpdate/


Please be aware that GKHAT holds an annual auction. This auction is a key source of funding for the club. As a result, we require that all GKHAT members provide one item for the auction.
Auction items are to be provided before November 11. The auction itself will run from November 19 to 26.
More information will be provided as the season progresses.


If you would like to select friday as part of a two day development program, please select the two days you desire (Friday/Saturday or Friday/Sunday).

Team Vest or Jacket Rental

Team Jackets are only available for 11 year olds and up subject to availability. Please note: Jackets and Vests are due back on the last day of skiing. Deposits will only be issued back if the item has been returned and returned on time.

Special Instructions for the coach

In order to ensure that the coach is aware of any requirements for your child, please note them in the appropriate field. In the field “good things to know”, please advise us of any traits that would be useful to know.
Some may be: She’s gung ho, or he’s cautious or anxious. He or she needs to be with someone. etc.

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