2017/18 GKHAT - Special Needs Registration

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2017/18 GKHAT - Special Needs Registration

Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team 2017/2018 Season

Welcome to GKHAT. We are a not-for-profit organization that coaches and implements the Nancy Greene program at Kicking Horse Mountain resort, run by volunteers and parents dedicated to helping young skiers learn the fun essentials of ski racing and safe skiing.
We provide a safe, fun, supportive environment where skiers can improve their overall skiing techniques and racing abilities together with their knowledge of safe skiing habits and healthy athletic lifestyle.
We look forward to your athlete being a part of the club this season.


Please be very careful to complete all steps. On the final “Payment Summary” page, be sure to scroll to the bottom to click on the “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” button.
Failing to click this button will mean mean that the registration will not complete and we will be unable to contact you.
If you would like, please do feel free to email us as well as completing the form to ensure that we have a contact.

Program Fees and Days

$420 plus insurance $76 for under 11yrs and $106 for 12yrs + per athlete and one parent has to register for Alpine Insurance which is $20 This would be for a half day program provisionally Monday or Wednesday at the moment and will confirm this later.


Cheques may be paid to GKHAT and sent to the following address: GKHAT, Box 884, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Please read and understand our Refund Policy before registering your child for the team.

Parent Insurance

One parent must be insured. Please check “First Child” if you are registering the first child. Please check “Second Child” if you are registering the second or more child. In this way, you will only pay insurance once.
Please check which parent you would like the insurance to be under. It is advisable to use the parent that will primarily be on the hill or volunteering during race times.


BC Alpine Waiver Update 2017. If you have previously been a member of the club click on the following link to update your 2017 BC Alpine waiver. If you are a new member check the New Member box below and you will be notified when your new account has been set up. Please note this waiver must be signed for one parent/guardian AND the child to complete registration. Follow BC Alpine link here: http://bcalpine.net/memberUpdate/


Please be aware that GKHAT holds an annual auction. This auction is a key source of funding for the club. As a result, we require that all GKHAT members provide one item for the auction.
Auction items are to be provided before November 11. The auction itself will run from November 19 to 26.
More information will be provided as the season progresses.

Team Vest or Jacket Rental

Team Jackets are only available for 11 year olds and up subject to availability. Please note: Jackets and Vests are due back on the last day of skiing. Deposits will only be issued back if the item has been returned and returned on time.

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