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Hello GKHAT families,

There will be a lot of great racing on Catamount this weekend. We are two days away from hosting our first U12, U14, and U16 Zone Race and have been very busy getting ready for the 140 racers who will be here this weekend from Red Mountain, Kimberley, Fernie and Lake Louise.

There are still a couple of volunteer positions that we would love to see GKHAT families in, so if you are finding yourself with some time this weekend please email

We are lucky to have some key personnel from Fernie’s race club to mentor our volunteers, so this weekend is a great opportunity to gain great experience.

Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered, especially the parents of our U8 and U10 skiers who aren’t even in the race!!

Watch your inbox on Sunday for the race and volunteer information for our last event of the season, the Club Championships!!

Rhonda Laurell
GKHAT Volunteer Coordinator


Notice for the AGM

UPDATE: We have changed the start time from 4:00 PM to 3:30 PM in an effort to encourage folks from out of town to attend the AGM.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team (GKHAT) will be held:
DATE: Sunday, March 18, 2018
TIME: 3:30 PM (Mountain Time)
PLACE: The GKHAT Yurt at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden, BC.

Please note that all board positions are open for election.


Hello GKHAT families,

Thank you to all of our families who stepped up to volunteer for our Nancy Greene Race on the weekend. It was a big race event and would be impossible to pull off without the help of our families. We could not run the race without all 82 volunteers. There are a few stand outs that we would like to ensure are acknowledged.

Gasper Aceti and Ari Laurell gave up many ski days in January and February as they worked on getting our electronic timing system working to its full potential. This was not an easy task, and live timing would not have been possible without their efforts in the six weeks prior to our race.

Sanjay Kumar and Susan Bateman had the very intense job of learning the race registration procedure in the two weeks leading up to our race. Thank you both for sticking with it and not running for the hills when things got tight!

Thank you to all of our race volunteers who were out on course ALL DAY on Sunday. Our timing and start crew, gate keepers, course crew, finish marshal’s and our race day lunch lady for organizing a fabulous lunch delivery. Thank you for taking on the tough jobs of the day! You are rock stars and your efforts are noticed and appreciated beyond measure.

Thank you to coaches Ryan and Sarah for all of their work on this race. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that most people are unaware of, but the event does not run well for our kids without the extra time and energy given by these two and their team.

Lastly, we had a handful of families who had both parents involved in the race in some capacity on Sunday. Our race day would have looked very different had these families not stepped up in a BIG way, so big thank you to the Aceti, Adama, Atkinson, Bye, Cholo, Marchant, Pattinson, Schmidt, Snow, Van Wieren and Van Zalingen families.

We’ve been asked by a number of parents for the final results. You can download the results by clicking on this link for the girls or this link for the boys.

The events will keep on rolling too! On the last weekend of February, both the Lake Louise Ski Cross (U12+) and the Kimberley Nancy Greene Festival will be on. The following weekend, March 3-4, we are hosting our first Kootenay Zone Race. This two day event will host U12 and U14 racers from across the Kootenay Zone and is a great step in the progression of our club. We will have lots of help with volunteers from visiting clubs but we will definitely be calling for volunteers from our club, especially from parents of U12/U14 Athletes!

March 10-11 is the Nancy Greene Race hosted by the Lake Louise Blackdogs, always a fun event!

If you would like to attend any of these away races look for the signup links- on the GKHAT website.
Be sure to check the GKHAT calendar from time to time as well.

Our last event of the season is our Club Championships Dual Slalom on Saturday March 17. This will be the last day on snow for all of our regular 12 day programs. You will see volunteer sign ups and information in the next couple of weeks for that one. The good news is the volunteer requirements for this event are a lot less! Looking forward to working with you all again.

Rhonda Laurell
GKHAT Volunteer Coordinator

GKHAT Nancy Greene Ski Race

Our Annual GKHAT Nancy Greene Ski League Race is coming up this Sunday Feb 11th! We hope you are as excited as we are. Below is some general information about how the day will proceed and a schedule that is usually approximately accurate. If you are intending on attending the race Sunday you must have already filled out the “Sign-up Genius” form.

The groupings for all athletes can be found at this link.

This year, we are changing the choreography of the day slightly from previous years in the interest of efficiency of the day. With GKHAT and visiting teams there will be about 200 athletes participating in Sundays race!

This year we will not do a re-set of the course halfway through the day; there will be two courses set next to each other on Lower Kicking Horse (same run as last years NG race). One course, for U6 racers, will be set on Skiers Right. It will be shorter and less steep than the course for U8-U12 racers. All athletes will meet with their coaches outside the yurt at 8:40 am and head up the Catamount Chair to Course inspection with coaches and tail-gunners. After inspection, athletes will proceed back to the top of the course for first run and then second run immediately after. Coaches and tail-gunners will circulate either Pioneer or Catamount with the groups. On race morning we will have a more detailed schedule estimated in an effort to minimize waiting around times for athletes.

On race day, the yurt is used as the race office. Athletes and families must plan to use the day-lodge for lunch, storage, etc. Volunteers & Coaches will be the only people using the yurt on race day.

As usual, be aware that you should provide you child with snacks for the day. Timings noted below are estimates. As a result, it is possible that lunch may be later (or earlier) than listed below.

8:40 am – All athletes meet coaches outside yurt

8:50 am – all U6 and U8 groups head to the Catamount chair to load at 9:00 am. U10’s and up will warm up skiing with coaches.

9:15-9:45 – Course inspection for U6s and U8s

10:00 – First Run Race begins U6’s first through U12. Each athlete will get two runs through the course. After the first run, Volunteer Tail-gunners and coaches will bring them to the bottom and then back up to the start in for their second run.

12:00 – Estimated time to Start Second run.

Awards will follow the race as soon as possible. Approximately 3:00 pm.

Ryan Ford

Head Coach
Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team

Hello GKHAT families,

We are one week from our Nancy Greene Race and are still short race volunteers in a number of areas. Please understand that we are a race club and we absolutely can NOT run an event for our skiers without the help of our families. To safely and successfully run a race, we need the support of all of our amilies.

Please use this link to sign up for volunteering. You should be able to edit your original registration.

As of tonight we still need:

1.  Hand timers/recorders (we can not have a race Without timers). 
2.  Gate Keepers (you will have a great view of the race) 
3. Start Marshals (easy job of organizing our racers by bib number in the start corral and wishing them luck). 
4. Tailgunners – a few of our coaches are still short tailgunners, if your child is in Cyd’s, Sarah R’s, Sara L’s, Ian’s, Henry’s or Richie’s race day group, he/she may NOT be able to race.  These groups are still short tailgunners, and our athletes CAN NOT cycle through race day without adequate adult supervision. Athlete safety is paramount to everything else. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up! 

Thank you for investing your time in your child’s ski program. There are many ways to support your child’s ski experience and fulfill a volunteer requirement. Please contact me if you need to discuss special circumstances or the need for off snow jobs. Many hands make for light work. 

If you have any questions, please email Rhonda (

Registration for next Sunday’s Race is now closed. If you missed registering your child to race, you can email before 8 am Monday morning. Race bib assignments will start tomorrow. 

Again, thank you for doing your part to help us host a Kicking Horse race event for your child.  We can not do this without you.
Rhonda Laurell
GKHAT Volunteer Coordinator