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Hello GKHAT families,

GKHAT is an not-for-profit organization that promotes safe and fun skiing. We are run by volunteers. To ensure that our club works well, we require the input of all families. You can help by volunteering at club events such as the GKHAT Nancy Greene Race and by attending the up-coming AGM.

Please do take the time to stick around and attend the GKHAT AGM on Saturday, Feb 18 at 3:30 pm. We will be meeting at the GKHAT yurt. For more information, click this link

Following the GKHAT AGM, you may want to head down to spirit square in town to attend the Masque Parade. It’s a ton of fun!



GKHAT Nancy Greene Ski Race
Our Annual GKHAT Nancy Greene Ski League Race is coming up Sunday Feb 26th! We hope you are as excited as we are. Below is some general information about how the day will proceed and a schedule that is usually approximately accurate.

U6 and U8 Athletes will have their race in the morning. After that race is complete, the course will be reset and U10/U12s will race in the afternoon. In the morning U10/U12 athletes will warm up with their coaches, take an early lunch and be ready for course inspection around noon. U6 and U8 athletes will go right away with their coaches and tail-gunning volunteers to course inspection and then have two race runs. Coaches will remain at the start gate during the race, so volunteer tail-gunners will be responsible to deliver athletes back to the top of the second run. At the end of the second run Coaches will go in with their athletes to lunch. U6/8 Coaches and tail-gunners will continue to ski with their groups for the afternoon until 2:30 or the race is finished and parent volunteers are free.

If you haven’t already checked out the volunteer sign-up you can do so with this link

On race day the yurt is the race office- athletes and families must plan to use the day-lodge for lunch, storage, etc. Volunteers & Coaches will be the only people using the yurt on race day.

As usual, be aware that you should provide you child with snacks for the day. Timings noted below are estimates. As a result, it is possible that lunch may be later (or earlier) than listed below.

All GKHAT athletes are automatically registered for the race. Please follow this link and complete the form here to indicate if your athlete will be attending or not.

8:40 am – All athletes meet coaches outside yurt
8:50 am – all U6 and U8 groups head to the Catamount chair to load at 9:00 am. U10’s and up will warm up skiing with coaches.
9:15-9:45 Course inspection for U6s and U8s
10:00 – U6/8 race begins. Athletes will each get two runs through the course. After the first run Volunteer parents will bring them to the bottom and then immediately back up the Start again for their second run.

Course is reset for the afternoon

12:00-12:30 – Course inspection for U10, U12, U14, and Special Olympics
12:45 – Race begins. Athletes will get two runs through the course. Athletes are expected to come back up the chair for their second run immediately following their first.
Awards will follow the afternoon race as soon as possible. Approximately 3:00-3:30 pm.

Lake Louise Nancy Greene Race
In other news, there is one more Nancy Greene away race coming up!
If you are interested in attending the Nancy Greene Ski League race in Lake Louise March 4-5 fill out the form accessed by this link.

Ryan Ford
Head Coach
Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team


Hello GKHAT Families,

Please continue reading to the end for information about volunteering for our Nancy Greene Race.


  • You can purchase high quality GKHAT ski jackets at a great price. The cut off date for submitting is Tuesday, Feb 14 (Valentines day). It’s pretty cool to see all the kids when they are dressed as a team and it helps to build team spirit. Click this link for more information.
  • The AGM is on this Saturday, Feb 18 at 3:30 pm. Please do come to the GKHAT yurt at 3:30 pm to attend. Check this announcement.

We have been working hard to get ready for our upcoming Nancy Greene Race on Feb. 26, and now need your help.
The logistics of this race are quite different from those of our first festival event. First of all, this is an official race event, and this changes the nature and importance of many of our race positions. Secondly, no matter your volunteer position you will see your skier on course. Lastly, things are going to happen quite quickly once our first racer comes out of the start gate. There are 44 volunteer race course positions required to run this race and ensure all of our skiers have a fabulous day. Please take a minute to sign up for a position via the sign up form below.

In the two links below you will find:

  1. The race day groups for all skiers. This has been provided to you here to make the athlete drop off on race morning more efficient and to allow for tail gunner sign up on the volunteer form.
  2. The volunteer sign up for our NG Race.

After reviewing both links please,

  1. Complete the form to indicate to indicate if you skier will or will not be participating in the race by Sunday, February 19. For each of your athletes, complete this form.
  2. Sign up for a volunteer position. We need the help of all of our families to run this race and make it fabulous! Sign up here.
  • After course inspection, coaches will be staying at the top of the race course until the end of the second run. This means we will be relying on our tail gunners to cycle skiers from the finish coral back up to the start after the first run, AND collect the skiers for coaches at the bottom of the race course after the second run.

Thank you in advance for helping us run a great Nancy Greene Race!
If you have any questions please email


Hello GKHAT families,

GKHAT will be ordering team jackets and pants for next ski season 2017/2018.
These will be available for racers U10 and up (generally 8 years and older) and is completely optional. The black GKHAT vests will still be used for the U6, U8, U10 racers and other racers that would like to wear one – we have lots of bigger sizes in the vests too!

Please let us know by completing this form for each racer for by February 14th! We are very sorry about the tight time line!

These jackets are high quality Technical Alpine ski wear by Phenix and we have secured some excellent pricing. Below are the details of the jackets and sizing. Be aware that logos and badges in the image will be replaced with GKHAT logos as appropriate.

Pricing is as follows:
• Phenix Alpine Team Jacket $225. (retail price $425)
• Phenix full zip black technical pant $165. (retail price $300)

We will invoice you for payment in full. Delivery of the jackets is expected to be in the fall, so they also make a GREAT Christmas present.

Please email me at if you have questions or difficulties.

Rhonda Siebens

Norway Alpine Team Jr. Jackets
• 2-way Stretch Taffeta (PE 100%)
• Diamond Dobbly 2L (PE 100%)

More details:


Hello GKHAT Families,

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Members of the Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team. The meeting will be held at the GKHAT Yurt, 1500 Kicking Horse Trail, Golden, Golden, BC on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 3:30pm (Mountain Daylight Savings time) for the following purposes:

1. Approval of last AGM Minutes

2. Old Business

3. Presidents Report

4. Reports of other officers and committees

5. Treasures Report and Financial Statement

6. Statement of accounts and projections for year-end — Nicole Clark

7. Election of Directors

a. President: Bob Gohill Not up for re-election
b. Vice President: Up for election
c. Secretary: Up for election
d. Treasurer: Up for election
e. Fundraising: Teresa Ryan Not up for re-election
f. Equipment Manager: Up for election
g. Registrar: Anna Urban Not up for re-election
h. Parent Liaison: Kisa Glasier Not up for re-election
i. Race Director: Up for election

8. New Business

a. Membership Fees.
b. Payment due date

9. Any other business

10. General discussion

If you are considering running for one of the vacant board positions please contact Bob Gohill at

Board Positons up for elections

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Equipment Manager
  • Race Director

Bob Gohill
Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team