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As a further clarification to the March 12 coaching day, there is no GKHAT on Sunday, March 12 for the Development Athletes (this is all the athletes in the regular 12 week program). All these athletes will have their final regular day on snow at the club championship race on March 11th.

We have a bonus weekend offered that you may sign your U8 athlete up for to make up for one of the weekends missed in December. We thank all families in understanding that due to lack of early snow and our need to provide a safe program some of our younger athletes missed out on their 12th day on snow.

Please do register for the U8 make up weekend by following this link.

Pizza Order: In order to ensure that you are able to receive pizza at the banquet, please be sure to submit complete this form and submit your request via the banquet form. All submission must be completed by end of day Tuesday , March 7.



Hi Everyone,

Please, please, please! Do read this entire email and take the necessary actions. The actions are:

Read below for details about:

  • Sunday Mar 12, GKHAT day
  • Vest/jacket returns

We are 5 days away from our last club event of the 2017 season and still have many volunteer positions to fill. Thank you to everyone who has already committed to a race position. The following race positions need to be filled in order for us to run the event on Saturday:

  • U8 tail gunners (7 – please sign up online if you plan on skiing with your child’s group).
  • Set up crew (3)
  • Start Marshall’s (2)
  • Gate Keepers (4)
  • Course crew (2-3)
  • Finish marshals (2)

We are looking forward to ending the season with one final event for all of our athletes. Unfortunately, we will not be able to run an event if these positions are not filled. We need the help of ALL of our families, so please help us end the 2017 GKHAT season with a bang.

We also have a a great off snow volunteer position open as well. We are looking for lunch for our volunteers, so please let us know if you are able to whip up a big soup, stew, chili or other lunch option. Email if this is something you can take on.

Race Day Registration
Ryan has a very exciting plan for all the kids. The idea is to try something new and have something that should be friendly for the U6 athletes. In order to pull it off, we really really need you to let us know if you athlete will (or will not) be attending.

Sunday Mar 12, GKHAT day
Please be aware that there will NOT be any training on Sunday March 12. The wind up party is Saturday night and the Saturday kids will not be receiving any training on Saturday March 11. This will ensure that both groups receive the same number of coaching days.

Vest/Jacket Returns
Please be sure to return your vests either by bringing them to the Banquet, or by returning them Saturday after the race at the yurt.

Thanks in advance everyone.


Hello again GKHAT families,

As a reminder, please do review the last communication regarding events and registrations located at this URL.

Volunteers for GKHAT Championship
As previously communicated, we have a race in a less than ten days. As a result, we URGENTLY need volunteers to sign up. While this race is a club race, and thus there may be less attendees, we do want to ensure a quality experience for the athletes.
Please review the positions and sign up for on. Do remember that even if you wish to be a tail gunner, please remember to sign up. This will help us to distribute parents to other roles.
The volunteer signup form is located here.

Final Race Timings
For the many parents that are looking to see what the final race times were like, we have posted the final times on the GKHAT website. You can find the results in the document section or simply follow this link.

Thank you again,


Hello GKHAT Parents,

Having just successfully completed the GKHAT Nancy Greene race with the awesome help from the parents and the great work by the entire coaching team, we are now into March.
With March being final month of GKHAT, it is no surprise that we have a VERY busy few weeks ahead of us. Please be sure to review all items that require action below. Do be aware that we will be asking for volunteers

Be aware that the deadline for a number of these is very close and will require that you review and respond quickly.

GKHAT Club Championships: Saturday, March 11

Our last GKHAT event of the year is right around the corner. Your child will be in the same race day group they were in for the Nancy Greene Race. Please see the link below for all group lists AND to confirm your athletes participation in the last race of the 2017 season.

To register, follow this link.

Please be aware that we will be requiring volunteers to help make this event a success.

GKHAT Annual Award Banquet and Vest Return: March 11

Join GKHAT Team Members and their family to celebrate the 2017 Ski Season!
Saturday, March 11 at 6 pm. Mount 7 Rec Plex (1310 9th Street South)

Based on your RVSP, we will pizza from Red Tomato Pies in advanced and/or families can bring a potluck item to share. Pizza can be paid for with cash at the door. Cost is $20 per family. Deadline to submit order is Tuesday, March 7th. Juice/Water available for all. Cash bar, serving beer and wine will be available for the adults.

To RSVP, please click this link.

U8 Make-up Weekend: March 18 or 19

We will hold one bonus weekend for U8 athletes who’s first days were cancelled in December.
For U8’s only on Saturday March 18 and Sunday March 19th. If you are registered for one day each weekend you can sign up for one of these days and if you are registered for both days each weekend you can register for both.

Please be aware that no other weekends will be offered. Weather and conditions dependent.

Click and follow this link to register.

2017 Spring Camps: March 21/22 or March 28/29

We will host two spring camps this year on Tuesday-Wednesday March 21-22, and on Tuesday-Wednesday March 28-29. Fun skiing and training in the spring time sun!
Follow this link to register.

Level 1 Officials: March 17

GKHAT has the long term goal of hosting official zone races. In order to achieve this goal, we need a volunteers that are trained in running an officiating a ski race. Now is a good time to sign up for this. At no cost to you, we will be able to offer you the Level One Officials Course. We will need at least six participants for this to happen!

On Friday March 17, Mark Shwenk, the BC Alpine Officials Chair, is available to come to Golden to teach this three hour course. We expect to offer this on the afternoon or early evening.

If you are interested and able to attend, please fill out the form located at this link.


This email contains information on:

  • Parent responsibilities
  • Remaining volunteer positions
  • Ski tuning night


Mini GKHAT: Please note that any mini who is participating in the race needs to have a parent/guardian skiing with them; the mini’s need a one-to-one ratio. Thus, one parent will need to be with your child for the entire day. As a parent/guardian, you will to cycle with the athlete from the finish coral back up to the start coral after run #1, and then collect them after run #2 at the finish coral.

U8 Ski Groups: Each race group will require 2 volunteers (tail gunners). These volunteers will remain with the group for the entire day. All other parents may volunteer for other options for the entire day. Tail gunners will cycle the skiers from the finish coral back up to the start coral after run #1 and collect them at the finish coral after run #2.

U10 Race Day Groups: Each of these groups will require 1 volunteer tail gunner from that group to collect skiers at the finish line. All other parents can volunteer for other positions. Volunteers for this position will only be required while the U10 group is racing (afternoon) Thus, you can volunteer for the morning.

U12 Race Day Groups: These groups will not require any volunteers. Thus, you can volunteer with other positions throughout the day.

If your athlete is not attending, it is important to communicate this to us. Please use the race groups form. or email Ryan at


We are running a race for almost 200 racers (our club and visiting clubs) AND ensuring our 134 athletes cycle safely throughout race day. As such we need to have our parents either on the race course or skiing with our kids. Thank you for helping us give our athletes a great race day experience.

Updates for race course volunteer positions:

We still NEED the following positions filled to run a race this weekend.

  • 1 gate keeper
  • 2 start time recorders

Please note: any mini who is participating in the race needs to have a parent/guardian skiing with them.

For more details on the race day, refer to this link.-
For more details on volunteer positions, please refer to this link.


Our Nancy Greene race is fast approaching, so if you are looking to learn about ski tuning, improve your technique, learn how to use those fancy tools you got, and get some hands-on experience and guidance this is the night for you! Ryan will be in the yurt Friday Feb 24 after skiing (3:30pm) to teach and help you out. If you have some tools, bring them and your own skis. If you don’t have tools but want to try it out, the club has some tools you can use.

If you are interested email Ryan at to let him know you’ll be there.

Thank you,
The GKHAT Club