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Hello GKHAT families!

I hope you are all getting excited for the start of another great winter and another great GKHAT season! This email is an update with some important info as everyone gets to planning the winter ahead including a Schedule of events, Officials Level 1 course, Christmas camps and more.


To help in planning your winter we have included below a list of events below including away races and important dates for our GKHAT season.   A few important highlights:

Parent information meeting: December 9, 7 pm at Mount 7 Rec Plex

  • Important info about our seasons events, daily schedule, volunteering, Board positions, and more.

First weekend of the GKHAT program: Dec 15-17

Kicking Horse Kootenay Zone Race: March 3-4

  • For the first time GKHAT is hosting a Kootenay Zone Race.
  • This race is for U12 and U14 athletes and is part of a series of races around our BC Alpine Zone.
  • Teams from Red Mountain Whitewater, Fernie, Lake Louise and more will be in attendance. This is a big step for our club and we are very excited for this opportunity.
    For a full schedule, please get the PDF from this link.

Officials Level 1 course: December 17

On Sunday December 17th BC Alpine Officials Chair Mark Schwenck will be at Kicking Horse to check out our venue for the March 3-4 zone race and to deliver the Officials Level 1 course. This course is an introduction to the rules of ski racing and gives parents the basic knowledge needed to assist in putting on and officiating a ski race. If you are interested in getting involved and helping GKHAT to host races now and in the Future please sign up! The course will take place Sunday afternoon and takes about 3 hours. Click this link to register!

Christmas Camps

If you would like to register for Christmas camps this season the dates are below as well as a link to register.

  • Dec. 22-23 Christmas camp 1
  • Dec. 28-30 Christmas camp 2

Follow this link to register.


Group lists will be sent out to all at the start of December. If you have requests that were not put on your original registration, no guarantees, but we may still be able to accommodate. Email

Ryan Ford
GKHAT Head Coach


Hello folks,
Our annual GKHAT auction goes live at 12:00 pm Saturday, November 24 and ends at 10:00 pm on Sunday December 2.
It is stocked with over 150 items at a market value of over $28,000!

The link to our auction is:
You can go in and check it out now, but you won’t be able to bid on anything until noon tomorrow.

Keep checking back often as we will have more items added continuously throughout the auction to keep up the excitement.

This is our only fundraiser of the year and our goal is to reach $15,000, we can easily hit that target with your support.

Share this link with your friends, family, co-workers_…

Remember that there is no cost to go in and look around, there are AMAZING items offered and only the winning bidder needs to pay.

Thank you to everyone for your support!
The Fundraising Team



Thank you to those who have donated to the auction, we have a $16,000 base for our auction which is a great start to the $24,000 we are aiming for.

November 11 was the due date for donations to this years online auction. We will be individually contacting each of the 42 families who have not yet donated to find out the details of their donation. Remember, it is mandatory for all families to make a donation to the auction. There is no minimum or maximum value of the donation, and many items do not need to cost you anything. Get a donation from a business you go to, offer a product or service of your own, ask your hairdresser, your dentist, anyone to see if they’ll support our team. We count on the money raised at this auction to keep our fees the lowest and our programs running, we can not support our team with out support from its members.

Once you have contacted us with your donation, go to and enter your item information into the donation form. There is a link on the homepage that will take you right to the form. This form provides critical information for the auction website and helps us keep track of the items that have been donated.

If you live in Calgary, Contact Teresa Ryan at or 403-836-1069
If you live in Golden, Contact Tawnia Jobin at or 250-439-9074 or
Kim Bernasconi at or 250-344-1685



Hello GKHAT Families

Just under 1 week to go before your auction donations are due. We’re off to a good start with over $6500 in donations so far, but we have a long way to go. We have only received donations from 24 families, which leaves 75 families still to go. We’re planning on having a busy weekend getting all the donations in!

If you live in GOLDEN, please contact Tawnia Jobin at or 250-439-9074, and if you’re in CALGARY contact Teresa Ryan at or at 403-836-1069 if texting is easier.

REMINDER: Auction donations are due on Saturday NOVEMBER 11.

Thanks everyone,
From the GKHAT fundraising team.


Hello GKHAT families,

We are 3 weeks away from the 2017 Online Auction and it looks like its going to be a big one. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me with a donation so far.

We love having a variety of items to offer on our auction site, including services, tickets, gift certificates, hotel stays and dinners out. Last year we had donations from businesses, restaurants, stores and donations that recognized the skills of our members including skilled trades, home cooked goodies, yard work and personal training. If you are looking for donation ideas, your options are endless and don’t need to cost you money. Ask our chiropractor, dentist, coffee shop or anyone you see regularly for donations, they could use the exposure to bring in new clients. What hobbies or skills do you have that you could offer? Think of products or services you could donate from your business or workplace… All of these great donations will bring in bids at the auction. We have letters you can use to approach businesses here: Introduction letter and Donation letter

When you have your donation ready, please enter the item details into the form- on the GKHAT website, the link is on the homepage at Then get in touch with us for item drop off.

The GOLDEN area contacts are Tawnia Jobin ( and Kim Bernasconi (
Your CALGARY contact is Teresa Ryan at


  1. Auction Items are due by NOVEMBER 11
  2. Auction runs NOVEMBER 18-26

Looking forward to running the best auction we’ve ever had!

Teresa Ryan

PS: If you haven’t received your invoice, or have not paid your invoice, or have not completed your waivers, please be sure to check for details on completing these.