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Hello Everyone,

Please see the attached a schedule for the yurt clean up. That schedule will also be posted in the yurt.
If you are unable to make a certain day, please attempt to trade with another parent.

Each Saturday and Sunday the following tasks need to be done at the end of the GKHAT day:
1.  Organize and clean up tables and chairs
2.  Wipe down tables
3.  Sweep floors
4.  Tidy up
5.  Take out garbage

There are at least two families scheduled for each day, so please make a note of your assigned cleanup date and spend your 15-20 minutes of the season to keep the yurt tidy for our kids. 

Friday families, there are very few of you so Im going to leave it to you to encourage your kids to clean and tidy up after themselves.  

Thank you in advance for helping keep the yurt clean and tidy!

Rhonda Laurell
Volunteer Coordinator


Hi GKHAT families,

It is critical that all parents ensure that they complete every requirement for waivers prior to allowing their children on the slopes. GKHAT coaches will not allow any child to ski unless all four of the following steps are completed.

1. Register your child, with GKHAT. Please do review all policies.

2. Ensure that all fees have been paid

  • All fees are due by November 15, 2016.
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or eTransfer.
  • eTransfers are to be sent to

3. Complete the BC Alpine waiver

  • Look out for an email from BC Aline. The subject should be “BC Alpine Registration DB Automated message: Member Registration notification”.
  • Check your SPAM folder if you haven’t seen it.
  • The email will contain an unique link to allow you to review your details AND TO SIGN YOUR WIAVER!
  • Waivers must be signed for your registered child, and one parent. Please note that registration is not complete until these waivers are signed.

4. Complete the RCR waiver

  • The steps to complete the RCR waiver being with a personalized email being sent to you from RCR.
  • For details, please check the document located here.

Unfortunately, each organization involved requires their own waiver to be executed. As a result, you may find some aspects are redundant. Please be sure to complete each of these steps.

Bob Gohill
GKHAT President

Anna Urban
GKHAT Registrar


GKHAT has Financial Assistance available to help with registration fees. For more information, or to apply, contact


Check out the calendar for important dates.