Auction Update

Posted by Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team (GKHAT) on Dec 04 2018 at 04:01AM PST

Wow that was exciting! If you weren’t following closely the auction ended with some intense bidding right up to the last second. The 1971 Marmot Basin chairlift pulled in an impressive $720.00 and there were serious bidding wars going on for the Yeti Cooler and the ½ day ski clinic with head coach Ryan Ford. There were two silver sponsors (Dog Tooth Construction and Golden Installations Ltd) each donating $1,000 and donations for the special needs program and towards purchasing ski racks for club netting an additional $1000. We’ve been told that at least one of the sponsors will be matched by an employer and we will continue to update you on our sponsorship drive over the next month.

All told the auction brought in $19,502.00. This breaks down as $14,827.00 in bids, $3,000 (so far) in sponsors, and additional $1,675.00 that was donated by GKHAT families in lieu of providing an auction item.

The best way to pay for your item(s) is by sending an e-transfer to our treasurer Mike Burns and our bookkeeper Nicole Sherriff at You can also bring cash or a cheque to the parent meeting but an e-transfer is definitely much easier for us.

You can pick up your items at the Parent Meeting on December 8th at the Golden Rec Plex at 7:00 pm. If you are not able or planning to attend the Parent meeting you can make arrangements with on how best to collect your item. If you are in Calgary, we can look at getting your item(s) to you after December 9th as some items need to be shuttled to Calgary (and vice versa). We hope to have all items distributed to you by December 17th. Items belonging to GKHAT families that are not picked up will be brought up to the GKHAT Yurt at KHMR in the New Year.

Thank you to all of the GKHAT families, donors, sponsors, and bidders for your generosity.


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