GKHAT Nancy Greene Follow Up

Posted by Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team (GKHAT) on Feb 13 2018 at 05:28PM PST

Hello GKHAT families,

Thank you to all of our families who stepped up to volunteer for our Nancy Greene Race on the weekend. It was a big race event and would be impossible to pull off without the help of our families. We could not run the race without all 82 volunteers. There are a few stand outs that we would like to ensure are acknowledged.

Gasper Aceti and Ari Laurell gave up many ski days in January and February as they worked on getting our electronic timing system working to its full potential. This was not an easy task, and live timing would not have been possible without their efforts in the six weeks prior to our race.

Sanjay Kumar and Susan Bateman had the very intense job of learning the race registration procedure in the two weeks leading up to our race. Thank you both for sticking with it and not running for the hills when things got tight!

Thank you to all of our race volunteers who were out on course ALL DAY on Sunday. Our timing and start crew, gate keepers, course crew, finish marshal’s and our race day lunch lady for organizing a fabulous lunch delivery. Thank you for taking on the tough jobs of the day! You are rock stars and your efforts are noticed and appreciated beyond measure.

Thank you to coaches Ryan and Sarah for all of their work on this race. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that most people are unaware of, but the event does not run well for our kids without the extra time and energy given by these two and their team.

Lastly, we had a handful of families who had both parents involved in the race in some capacity on Sunday. Our race day would have looked very different had these families not stepped up in a BIG way, so big thank you to the Aceti, Adama, Atkinson, Bye, Cholo, Marchant, Pattinson, Schmidt, Snow, Van Wieren and Van Zalingen families.

We’ve been asked by a number of parents for the final results. You can download the results by clicking on this link for the girls or this link for the boys.

The events will keep on rolling too! On the last weekend of February, both the Lake Louise Ski Cross (U12+) and the Kimberley Nancy Greene Festival will be on. The following weekend, March 3-4, we are hosting our first Kootenay Zone Race. This two day event will host U12 and U14 racers from across the Kootenay Zone and is a great step in the progression of our club. We will have lots of help with volunteers from visiting clubs but we will definitely be calling for volunteers from our club, especially from parents of U12/U14 Athletes!

March 10-11 is the Nancy Greene Race hosted by the Lake Louise Blackdogs, always a fun event!

If you would like to attend any of these away races look for the signup links- on the GKHAT website.
Be sure to check the GKHAT calendar from time to time as well.

Our last event of the season is our Club Championships Dual Slalom on Saturday March 17. This will be the last day on snow for all of our regular 12 day programs. You will see volunteer sign ups and information in the next couple of weeks for that one. The good news is the volunteer requirements for this event are a lot less! Looking forward to working with you all again.

Rhonda Laurell
GKHAT Volunteer Coordinator


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