GKHAT Cookie Cup - Parent Information

Posted by Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team (GKHAT) on Jan 17 2018 at 07:28PM PST

Good day GKHAT Families,

This coming weekend is the GKHAT Cookie Cup. Please take the time to read this email in its entirety. In it we cover:

  • Volunteers
  • Race information
  • Expectations of parents
  • Post-race gathering


As with all events, GKHAT race events depend heavily on volunteers to be successful. The Cookie Cup is no exception. We have filled in most of the spots, however, we need two more individuals:

  1. We are looking for two volunteers to help operate the gun at the speed trap.
  2. We still need one more tail-gunner for the U6/U8 group. Check signup genius for this one. Just follow THIS LINK.

Race Information

The Cookie Cup this weekend will be comprised of three events: Team Ski Cross, Obstacle course team relay, and Speed Trap. All events will be set Below Catamount chair on Wolverine, lower Big Ben, and Crowfoot. Athletes will participate in teams of four (some 3 if necessary) and will get a team score for each event which will be added together for a total team score. Teams will circulate stairway chair with their coaches and aim to get at least two-three runs through each event. We are super excited for this fun focused event and hope you and your racers are too!
All athletes should arrive a bit early to allow us some time. Please be sure to arrive promptly at 8:40 AM. Athletes will be meeting with an assigned coach at this time (see attached group list or follow this link).

Expectations of Parents

During the cookie cup day coaches will stay with their groups for the entire day and circulate the Catamount chair with their teams. Athletes will be divided into coaching groups (see attached group lists) and the smaller teams of four will be separated within the coaching groups. Those who have signed up to be tail gunners will be assigned to groups. If you are not already signed up to volunteer for the event, please just talk to your coach in the morning to make sure the group has enough support.
Lunch break will occur at ad hoc times as possible. We will plan with the coaches to rotate a couple of groups in at a time at the yurt. Generally, the U8 groups will start to come in around 11:15 and the older groups later.

Post-Race Gathering

At the end of the day’s events, all athletes and parents are invited to the Winston. There, the Cookie Medals will be given out, and for the enjoyment of adults, happy hour will begin at 3:30 (or as soon as we’re off the hill). This is also a great opportunity to meet the other parents, children and coaches, and have a good time.
The Winston Lodge is located on the ski hill at: 1593 Cache Close
Thanks For Volunteering!
Thanks to all who have volunteered for set up and tail-gunning!
If you have any questions email or

If you have any more questions, ask


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