FINISHED - 2017/18 Auction Items

Posted by Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team (GKHAT) on Oct 29 2017 at 08:10PM PDT

Hello GKHAT families,

We are 3 weeks away from the 2017 Online Auction and it looks like its going to be a big one. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me with a donation so far.

We love having a variety of items to offer on our auction site, including services, tickets, gift certificates, hotel stays and dinners out. Last year we had donations from businesses, restaurants, stores and donations that recognized the skills of our members including skilled trades, home cooked goodies, yard work and personal training. If you are looking for donation ideas, your options are endless and don’t need to cost you money. Ask our chiropractor, dentist, coffee shop or anyone you see regularly for donations, they could use the exposure to bring in new clients. What hobbies or skills do you have that you could offer? Think of products or services you could donate from your business or workplace… All of these great donations will bring in bids at the auction. We have letters you can use to approach businesses here: Introduction letter and Donation letter

When you have your donation ready, please enter the item details into the form- on the GKHAT website, the link is on the homepage at Then get in touch with us for item drop off.

The GOLDEN area contacts are Tawnia Jobin ( and Kim Bernasconi (
Your CALGARY contact is Teresa Ryan at


  1. Auction Items are due by NOVEMBER 11
  2. Auction runs NOVEMBER 18-26

Looking forward to running the best auction we’ve ever had!

Teresa Ryan

PS: If you haven’t received your invoice, or have not paid your invoice, or have not completed your waivers, please be sure to check for details on completing these.


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