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Hello GKHAT families,

Here are a few reminders that you should be sure to be aware of. These have deadlines, so be sure to review them!

1. Deadline for signing up for U12/14 Kimberley Zone race is Sunday Jan 13. Please sign up here.
2. A reminder for ordering GKHAT hoodies and hats. Please place your order via this link.
3. Deadline to sign up for Kimberley Nancy Greene Festival is Sunday January 20. Please sign up here.
4. Please remember to sign your athlete up for the Cookie Cup and pick a volunteer position. Here’s the signup for that. Remember, we really need a good number of tail-gunners, especially for the younger groups.

Thanks for taking care of this.


We’re sending out the January newsletter. If you don’t receive it, feel free to check it out on our website Here’s a direct link to it

In this issue, we cover:

  • First week back
  • IMPORTANT!!! Waivers
  • Mini GKHAT
  • Tailgunning schedule
  • January Social
  • GKHAT Swag
  • Selkirk Sports 5 Tune punch card deal
  • Race planning
  • GKHAT race schedule
  • Summer Camp 2019
  • Coaches Corner: Mackenzie Gamble and Arielle Schleichkhorn

Once again, A big thank you to Jill Cunes for initiating this and putting it together.



We are pumped to say that the ski conditions have improved dramatically and the race season can begin. As a result, we have a few reminders and there are adjustments to the schedule. They are outlined in point form below.
Although we are excited to be kicking off our ski season this weekend, we know this solution is not ideal for everyone with Christmas just around the corner. Historically, we have not made any attempts to adjust our schedule due to conditions or weather. 
Please understand that there are a number of complicating factors to consider when trying to reschedule a training weekend. Our coaches and the board are doing their best to provide a make up weekend that should work for most of our skiers.

  1. Please be sure to complete the waivers. These are CRITICAL and your athlete may not be allowed to ski without its completion. Please review the last reminder for details.
  2. GKHAT will start its season on December 21-23. The Christmas camp for this weekend will be canceled.
  3. As a result, there will only be one ski camp (December 28-30).
  4. Please note that Friday gate training and Minis do NOT start until the new year. They start January 4-6. Please check the calendar for those dates.
  5. Coach assignment and groups can be found via this link on our home page.
  6. Another important task is the yurt clean up. Be sure to review your spot on this schedule. If you are unable to make a date, please make an attempt to trade with other parents.

Thank you for your patience. Let’s get out on the snow!


Today, December 12, we have decided that conditions on the lower mountain are not sufficient for any of our athletes to operate safely this weekend.

At this time there is very limited ski-able terrain on the mountain. This leads to a lot of skiers in a small area with marginal conditions which we believe is too big a safety compromise for our athletes.
We apologize for the last minute decision. We were obviously hoping for better news!

We are considering alternate plans for the season. So please do take the time to keep an eye for communications from us.

Sorry for the inconvenience, We always have safety of our skiers as our first concern.

Thanks from your head coach,


This is an opportunity to meet your child’s coach, find out more about the upcoming ski season, and pick up your auction items. There will be an informal social followed by head coach’s presentation so bring the family and your questions.

When and Where: 7 PM, December 8 at the Mount Seven Rec Plex
For more information on the meeting contact: